Let's Get Surety

If you have ever gone to a school or a park, attended a large sporting event, rode on a bus, driven on a highway, bought imported goods, or sent a wire transfer, you have been protected by the surety product. Though many of us in the surety industry are in touch with this reality every day, it can often be something that those outside the surety industry or even some industry stakeholders don't always "get it." That's why NASBP decided to launch, "Let's Get Surety!"

Our goal is to pull back the curtain and get industry leaders and experts to open up and give an insider look at the surety industry. We promise each episode will be an engaging listen for everyone, whether you are a surety professional, industry stakeholder or just interested in learning more about surety! Listeners will hear surety stories, legislative updates, unique approaches to current challenges facing the industry, as well as trends and tips. Join our host Kat Shamapande and fun co-hosts and guests as we bond over bonding and discuss the world of surety and how it affects and improves our everyday lives!

If you are interested in being a guest on the show or have a topic you want us to cover, drop us a line.

About the National Association of Surety Bond Producers (NASBP)

Founded in 1942, NASBP is the association of and resource for surety bond producers and allied professionals. NASBP producers specialize in providing surety bonds for construction contracts and other purposes to companies and individuals needing the assurance offered by surety bonds. NASBP producers engage in contract and commercial surety production throughout the United States, Puerto Rico, Guam, and a number of countries. They have broad knowledge of the surety marketplace and the business strategies and underwriting differences among surety companies. As trusted advisors, professional surety bond producers act in many key roles to position their clients to meet the underwriting requirements for surety credit. Find out more about NASBP!

Let's Get Surety is brought to you by NASBP

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